A matched pair analysis following high school graduates from 2012-2015 showed that three times the amount of AdvanceKentucky students earned qualifying scores and 14119 more AdvanceKentucky students took an AP MSE exam compared to a control group


2017 Year in Review


In 2017, AdvanceKentucky experienced it's ninth consecutive year of dramatically expanding access to AP math, science and English.


To date, more than 1,100 AP teachers have participated in the program serving over 42,000 students from across Kentucky.


2017 Year In Review
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Impact of College Readiness Program

Students Enrolling in Advanced Placement® Math, Science, and English Courses in an Open Enrollment Environment...

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Are More Likely to Enroll in College

graph of percent going to college

Earn Higher ACT Scores

bar chart higher ACT scores

Are More Likely to be STEM Majors in College

graph of college students with STEM majors

Schools Showed First-Year Increase in Qualifying Scores

percent increase in qualifying scores


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Access to Algebra

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student growth
increase of students not projected to meet benchmark - slide
Growth seventh to eight grade cohort 1
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Computer Science Initiatives

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