AP Exam Format Information 2021

The 2021 AP Exams will be administered three times, and some subjects will have exams administered in a digital format in addition to the traditional format. Some exams have different formats for paper and digital, and the differences vary by subject. The following table details the exam administration modes and differences, if any, in exam format, for each course.

Please note that all 2021 AP Exams, paper and digital, will be full length and will cover the full scope of course content described in the course and exam description (CED).*

Exams will be administered on three test dates, in early May, late May, and early June. For a given subject, each test administration will be either all paper/traditional or all digital.

Educators and students will be able to practice answering multiple-choice and free-response questions within the 2021 digital exam app, available in early April.

For more information, students and parents should visit the College Board AP Updates page.

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