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Content Review Sessions

A series of regionally-clustered study sessions provided to give AP students an extra opportunity to explore key concepts and themes crucial to success in each course.  These sessions are designed as review sessions and are intended to reinforce learning in the classroom.

Schools within geographic regions areSSS1 with caption encouraged to collaborate in conducting content review sessions. AdvanceKY will reimburse the school (or individual) for food and prizes up to a maximum budgeted amount based on pre-registered attendees. AdvKY contracts directly with consultants to conduct sessions. Most sessions are conducted by experienced AP teachers from Kentucky and is an opportunty for teachers to network with other AP teachers and gain valuable informal professional development. 

The CRS framework has been refined to better accommodate the needs and timetables of each subject. Click here to see an overview of the refined frameworks for math, science and English.

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Briefing materials are provided for the Content Coordinators who prepare for these events:

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                     Math                         Science                        English

An AP teacher will earn part of the Teacher Stipend by attendance and active participation at each event, which must be reported by the teacher in the AdvanceKentucky online Data Reporting System in order to qualify for payment.

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