Preparing for an Advanced Placement exam can be very challenging for a student especially if they do not have prior experience.  To help prepare students for this challenge AdvanceKentucky encourages AP teachers in the program to administer an authentic testing experience as closely aligned with the actual AP exams as possible.  Each subject area supports this process in different ways.  Click here to see the Student Study Session framework, including Mock Exams, that has been refined to better accommodate needs and schedules for each subject.

English Mock Exam
2016-2017 Mock Exam Window: December 12, 2016 - January 25, 2017
Each year AdvanceKentucky uses a mock exam as the second study session for all AP English Literature and AP English Language students in participating AdvanceKentucky schools.  These exams are then scored during a mock reading. This event occurs every February and is conducted by experienced AP teachers primarily composed of teachers currently in the program.  This experience not only gives students an authentic testing experience with valuable feedback but also provides a great professional development experience for the teachers in our program.  For more information click here.  Questions may be directed toward Tina Rose, English Content Director.

Science Mock Exam
2017 Mock Exam Window: March 6 - March 31, 2017
All science subject area AP teachers are expected to conduct mock exams with their students. These exams can also be scored externally, by experienced AP teachers, similar to the English mock exam.  Please notify Lew Acampora by prior to March if you plan on requesting exams to be scored by a third party.  For more Information click here. Questions may be directed to Lew Acampora, Science Content Director.

Math Mock Exam
2017 Mock Exam Window: March 12 - March 31, 2017
All math subject area AP teachers are expected to conduct mock exams with their students.  For more information click here.  Questions may be directed to Monique Morton, Math Content Director.

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