Laying The Foundation®
Comprehensive Mathematics, Science & English Teacher Education Training Program

To reach students who have not traditionally had access to AP coursework AdvanceKentucky provides support through student recruitment, incentives for student participation and success, and classroom support through professional development, mentoring, and student study sessions. For students to be prepared for the level of rigor in AP classrooms professional development also is provided to support content area teachers.  In partnership with the National Math and Science Initiative, The NMSI Laying the Foundation program conducted by AdvanceKentucky provides support for grades 3-11 preparing students for AP courses and serves to support the classroom efforts toward college readiness. To date 3,500 teachers have participated in this training while 60 Kentucky teachers have become nationally endorsed trainers.


With our training background we now firmly understand what it takes to offer a successful professional development opportunity both locally and at the state level. If you are interested in hosting NMSI’s teacher training program in your district or school please contact Anthony Mires to discuss options.

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Training Description

To help fulfill the mission of increasing student access to quality instruction, AdvanceKentucky partners with NMSI and together we are dedicated to improving the quality of English, mathematics, and science instruction by providing quality teacher-to-teacher training and rigorous web-based resources. The vertically-aligned model lessons that accompany the training connect middle school and high school classes to analytical skills, content, and assessment strategies that will prepare students for AP classes and post-secondary coursework.

    • Training provides opportunities for teachers at all levels of experience and expertise to learn new content and teaching strategies.
    • Training is conducted by  experienced classroom teachers  with hands-on, interactive lessons  and labs and emphasizes technology  in math and science.
Through AdvanceKentucky’s parternship with the National Math and Science Initiative we provide a complete package of teacher education training: 
    • Hands-on and engaging teacher education training
    • Innovative teacher workshops
    • Rigorous, online classroom-ready lesson
    • Common Core resources
    • Vertical alignment across grade levels
    • Ongoing support from expert teachers with a focus on STEM education
    • Connections to Kentucky's TPGES

Through our three-year teacher training program, we give math, science, and English teachers the keys to classroom success. We help you with teaching strategies and content knowledge. And we share the tools to get students college ready.

Online Components

    • Vertically aligned model lessons that extend from grades 6 to 12.
    • Skill progression charts that link skills being taught to those taught in preceding/following grades or subjects.
    • Crosswalk that connects lessons across AP and the Common Core Standards.
    • Science labs that prepare students for college-level inquiry and investigation.
    • Activities that teach higher-level thinking skills.
    • Student assessments modeled after AP assessments.

Training Options

    • Elementary: Math/Science, English/Social Studies
    • Math: Middle School, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus
    • Science: Middle Grades Life & Earth, Middle Grades Chemistry & Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
    • English: Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10

AdvanceKentucky is the NMSI LTF training vendor in Kentucky.  Questions and requests for NMSI LTF registration updates may be directed to ltf@kstc.com

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