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Leader Assembly

Successful implementation of AdvanceKentucky's model requires a committed team of teachers, administrators, and support personnel.  To help prepare school leaders for the three years of partnership with AdvanceKentucky we provide a one time, one day training to ensure all school partners understand what we offer and how to take full advantage.

Each school year Leader Teams from active AdvanceKentucky schools meet to network, plan program elements and share strategies to facilitate a successful launch of their AP programs.  The five-member Leader Team from each school is comprised of three Content Coordinators (one math, one science, and one English teacher), the Administrator of Record and the AP Coordinator.

Content Coordinators discuss successful implementation of Vertical Team meetings, Student Study Sessions, and their responsibilities in managing these throughout the year.  During this process, content coordinators will meet with AdvanceKentucky Content Directors and will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss strategies for engagement and growth. 

Administrators of Record and AP Coordinators revisit the Elements of Success to understand how best to support the growth of the program in their school.  This training will also establish and explain reporting deadlines and procedures to ensure all available program supports are put to use.

AdvanceKentucky pays for each active school's registration fees and travel for this training.

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