Since the program seeks to offer options for achieving success, we have found it important to establish guidelines for students re-taking AP exams.  Student success remains at the core of the NMSI model as it continually encourages student performance. Several considerations have arisen as we determine how to fairly execute and manage the realistic implementation of this option for students.

We offer the following parameters in recognition of these special circumstances.

STUDENT INCENTIVES:  Students are eligible for $100 Qualifying Score incentive for any AP MSE exam they take, for which they have not previously earned a qualifying score and engage in "new learning" to prepare for the exam.
  • To qualify for the $100 incentive a student must have been previously enrolled in the course or currently officially enrolled in a related course (including any 0-Hour class)

REPORTING:  To be eligible, schools report to AdvanceKentucky students beyond those formally enrolled in an AP MSE course but who intend to re-take a relevant exam. (These are coded as "Tutor" in the data collection form and Online Data Reporting System.)

  • The purpose of this early identification is to help ensure that these additional students are able to experience "new learning." We would expect that this includes inviting these students to the 3 Student Study Sessions (Prep Sessions) for the relevant subject and provide opportunities for tutoring.

MULTIPLE TEACHERS:  Qualifying scores earned by these exam re-takers would not count in awarding teacher incentives or threshold bonuses.

  • The preponderance of re-takers will be Seniors who took the AP English Language course/exam as Juniors but did not earn a qualifying score and are now enrolled in AP English Literature. The exams are sufficiently similar enough that new learning in the Lit class will contribute to better preparation of both exams
  • We analyze the enrollments to determine if the "tutor" teacher tagged to the re-taker students are also enrolled in English Lit and if these are different teachers.

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