AP teacher-contractors, with demonstrated success in relevant AP coursework, may mentor less experienced teachers throughout the year. Mentors and Mentees are chosen based on the following guidelines.

  • May be relevant AdvanceKentucky Content Director, Content Manager, Regional Advisor, or an experienced and  s  successful AP teacher in the particular discipline, selected by the Content Director in consultation with the administrator of record.
  • Will be ideally chosen to be geographically accessible.
  • Will be compensated for up to 3 mentees.

A teacher may be assigned a mentor if…

  • He/She is new to teaching the relevant AP course.He/She wishes assistance helping more students to attain qualifying scores.
  • The administrator requests a mentor/mentee relationship on behalf of the teacher.
  • The teacher is committed to a mentor/mentee relationship, with acknowledgement by the principal/administrator.
Please Note: This is intended to be a voluntary relationship in support of teachers and their students.

Mentor will assist the mentee in developing a syllabus that is appropriate for to the resources (equipment, schedule) of the mentee. The mentor will assist with: 
  • Content
  • Structure and order of topics
  • Pacing
  • Mentor will assist the mentee in satisfying the requirements of the College Board audit.
  • Mentor will maintain regular (at least monthly) contact with the mentee, and will be available as needed by phone or email to answer questions, review assessment materials, etc.
  • Mentee will be responsive to enhancement of their professional growth and development of skills and knowledge to help their students succeed.
  • Mentor will periodically (at least twice per school year) contact the mentee and may…
      • Demonstrate good teaching practices by presenting a lesson.
      • For science teachers, assist with the implementation of a laboratory exercise, involving set-up and analysis.
      • Assist with the development/adaptation of assessment materials

  • This is part of AdvanceKentucky Statewide Content Directors’ existing responsibilities.
  • Master teachers who consent to act as mentors will earn a stipend for each mentee plus travel expenses to fulfill pre-defined service expectations.
  • The timetable for matching mentors and mentees should be completed by Sept 15.
  • The fees for substitute teachers may be negotiated as needed and reasonable.

Sample Mentor Timeline

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