The flow of funds varies depending on the Element of Success and take different formats.

Reimbursements to Schools

  • Equipment and Supplies up to max in annual budget
    • Copies of vendor invoices must accompany request for reimbursement for both AdvanceKentucky and matching purchases
    • Items on the pre-approved lists will be honored; other items not pre-approved by the respective Content Director on AdvanceKY staff may not be honored.
  • Food and Prizes for Student Study Sessions (or to individual making purchases)
    • Original receipts must accompany invoice for reimbursements
    • You may use the KSTC Expense Reimbursement Form to request the reimbursement (see "Need Reimbursement? link at right)

Payments to Schools/Districts/Teachers

  • Stipends for Teachers and Content Coordinators - based on activities' reports entered into the online Data Reporting System
  • Incentives and Bonuses to based on values earned by AP teachers on the relevant AP exam
    • Teacher Goals are included in the teachers letter of agreement

Payments to Students

  • Eligible students posted as exam-takers in the online Data Reporting System will be reimbursed for 50 percent of exam fees in the form of checks in the name of each student to be distributed on exam day.

Payments on Behalf of Schools

  • Contractors conducting Student Study Sessions
  • Contractors serving as Teacher Mentors
  • Contractors conducting AdvanceKentucky training for AP and Pre-AP teachers

Sumamry of the 2012-13 Budget Adjustments necessary to continue expanding to schools and support existing schools

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