Annual Data Reporting to AdvanceKentucky
(submit Excel Forms by email to

March —Per Student AP Score Projections by Teachers and Students’ Intentions to take Exam (use online Data Reporting System)

Spring—Estimated Aggregate New-Year Enrollments/Demographics andTeacher Roster by MSE AP Course
(Excel Form)

May—Teacher Attendance at PD including Student Study Sessions and Vertical Team Meetings (use online Data Reporting System); teacher stipends paid based on these verifiable reports.

July—AP Score Reports from College Board (CB) (Scores and Instructional Planning Reports (IPR)
available to AdvanceKY on-line for schools already in the program)

August—New Schools report aggregate AP MSE scores and IPRs [Excel Form and IPRs]

September 1--Official New-Year Student Unit Record Enrollment Report (Orignal Submission via Excel Form; All Updates Online Data Reporting System)

 Annual Teacher Training Cycle

Summer—AP Summer Institutes (AP Teachers)
(Registration Required) See link for Kentucky sites in June and July

July—Leader Training
(AP Subject Area Content Coordinators, Administrators, AP Coordinators)
(Registration Required)

July—(various locations)
Laying the Foundation Summer Institutes (Pre-AP Teachers)

(Registration Required)

November—Fall Forum Content Training

(For all MSE AP Teachers – with concurrent briefing on Saturday for Administrators/AP Coordinators)
(Registration Required)

Annual Cycle of Funding From AdvanceKentucky

Summer—Request Reimbursement for APSI Fees for Teachers attending APSI’s outside of Kentucky,
Include copy of invoice from APSI vendor/site that names the teacher and subject of training

As Needed During School Year—Request Reimbursement for Student Study Sessions (food and prizes),
Original Receipts must accompany Invoice from School/Individual

November 1—Invoice AdvanceKY to Request Reimbursement for Eligible Equipment and Supplies,
Must be accompanied by copies of all Vendor Invoices to document 1:1 Match of both School and AdvanceKY purchases

May-June —Eligible AP Exam Fees
Covers 50 percent of Eligible Fees for NON-Free/Reduced Lunch students; until further notice individual checks will be issued in name of each eligible student and sent to Administrator of Record for distribution

By June 30—AdvanceKY Payment of AP Teacher Stipends and Content Coordinators Stipends through District Payroll Based on data entries in the Data Reporting System as of May 15.

By November 30 —AdvanceKY Payments for Incentives and Bonuses
Student Checks delivered to Administrator of Record for distribution; Teacher, Administrator, AP Coordinator incentives/bonuses paid according to school's master LOA with AdvanceKY/KSTC

Annual Individual Letters of Agreement

September—AP Teachers, AP Content Coordinators, AP Coordinator, Administrator of Record

AP Teacher Threshold Bonus Score Levels are based on higher of prior two years of AP Exam qualifying scores; thresholds are not adjusted based on declining enrollments.

Open Enrollment-Student Recruitment

Data Analysis—ACT Explore, ACT Plan, PSAT, ILPs, etc to Support Student Outreach

Parent Nights for High School and Middle School
(Request AdvanceKY for supply of “Why Take AP?” Flyer)

200 W. Vine St. Suite 420
Lexington, KY 40507