blank formatTeacher Training:  Rigorous content-focused five-day summer institute (or pre-approved equivalent) for all AP teachers for first two years, two-day AdvanceKentucky Fall Forum training during the academic year and four-day summer Laying the Foundation institute for five pre-AP teachers each for three years (others welcome to attend with registration fee).

blank formatAP Teacher Mentors:   Master AP teachers mentor colleagues on relevant subject matter on a path to new learning among AP students. (A stipend is paid to the mentor per mentee served; the contract is between the Mentor and Kentucky Science and Technogy Corporation to serve AdvanceKentucky teachers.)

blank formatMSE Content Coordinators:  A stipend is paid to each of three Content Coordinators (CC) at each school to coordinate their students participation in three Content Reviews Sessions (CRS) and implement four Vertical Team Meetings (VTM) per year; a supplement is paid to the CC that hosts and sets up each Content Review Session among multiple schools.

blank formatVertical Teaming
Four meetings where high school and middle school teachers collaborate in the skills preparation of students for success in AP classes.

blank formatTeacher Consultants/Contractors
   Stipends are paid for conducting an extracurricular Content Review Session (per 75-minute block).  These are contracts between the individual and Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation to serve AdvanceKentucky schools and teachers.

blank formatStipend & Incentives for AP Teachers:   $500 stipend to support additional responsibilities in extra professonal development for teaching AP and $100 per qualifying score achieved by students in their eligible AP classes.  Teacher bonuses are awarded upon meeting pre-set goal in number of qualifying scores above prior year.

blank formatAccess to National and State AdvanceKentucky Networks

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