For "Graduating" High Schools

This is a voluntary program for schools and districts graduating as formal Participants in the full AdvanceKentucky program.  Schools that wish to continue as Partners will enter into a memorandum of agreement (MOA) in order to access selected services mentioned below at discounted rates.  While the program has demonstrated that the full suite of Elements of Success has contributed to the transformative growth in Advanced Placement (AP) participation and student success in high school and college, these services are currently most feasible to continue offering access to Partners.

Sign up here or read below for more information on services available for Partner Schools. 

Access to the services below will be documented in a new MOU between each Partner School / District and AdvanceKentucky / Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation outlining program benefits and school commitments negotiated with AdvanceKentucky.

Any school able to self-fund these and the other Elements of Success are welcome to negotiate continuing as a full Participant.

To be eligible to become a Partner, schools commit to AdvanceKentucky to:
  • Submit annual AP MSE student unit record enrollments;
  • Annually update the AP MSE online teacher roster;
  • Permit ongoing access to College Board's AP online score reports; and
  • Agree to training for new AP MSE teachers as mutually negotiated in the best interest of student success.


    Content Review Sessions for AP MSE Students
      $20 per person per session (to help defray costs of consultants and food)
      Access to CRS in your regional cluster and other regions upon request to accommodate schedules

    Mock Exam Grading
    If you wish to submit AP MSE mock exams to be scored at the AdvanceKY mock exam readings, the cost is $15 per exam.  Please contact the appropriate Content Director for details. 


    Fall Forum training for AP MSE Teachers
      $299 per person registration fee for the Fall Forum (contact for the discount code to access this rate)
      Registration fee covers training, materials, and limited meals

    Laying the Foundation training for Pre-AP Teachers
      $895 per person registration fee or $795 before annual deadline for early bird registration
      Registration fee includes four days of training, materials, and lunches
      Online access to all content materials (this extends for another five years after third year of training)

    Online Content Resources
      Complimentary access to NMSI content materials

    Consulting Services
      AdvanceKentucky will negotiate a contract for services upon request
      Services may include mentoring for teachers, lab reviews, and other content support
      Fees include the content expertise and travel as needed

    AP Summer Institutes
      All schools have open access to APSI vendors, include those in Kentucky:
      Morehead State University, University of Louisville, and Western Kentucky University


    Annual Goal Setting for Schools and Teachers
      Complimentary service
      Requires continued submission of student unit record AP MSE enrollment data

    Annual Data Analyses
      Complimentary service
      Requires continued permission for AdvanceKentucky to access College Board online score reports

    Program Briefings
      Complimentary service
      Partner schools receive regular program "Updates" and are invited to briefings

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