For "Graduating" High Schools

This is a voluntary program for schools and districts graduating as formal Participants in the full AdvanceKentucky program.  Schools that wish to continue as Partners will enter into a memorandum of agreement (MOA) in order to access selected services mentioned below at discounted rates.  While the program has demonstrated that the full suite of Elements of Success has contributed to the transformative growth in Advanced Placement (AP) participation and student success in high school and college, these services are currently most feasible to continue offering access to Partners.

Sign up here or read below for more information on services available for Partner Schools. 

Access to the services below will be documented in a new MOU between each Partner School / District and AdvanceKentucky / Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation outlining program benefits and school commitments negotiated with AdvanceKentucky.

Any school able to self-fund these and the other Elements of Success are welcome to negotiate continuing as a full Participant.

To be eligible to become a Partner, schools commit to AdvanceKentucky to:
  • Submit annual AP MSE student unit record enrollments;
  • Annually update the AP MSE online teacher roster;
  • Permit ongoing access to College Board's AP online score reports; and
  • Agree to training for new AP MSE teachers as mutually negotiated in the best interest of student success.

    Read more: Partner Program

To sign up click here to fill out a simple request form.  We will acknowledge receipt and offer the school a Memorandum of Agreement to document this partnership. There is no cost to enter into this agreement. It includes authorization to share data as schools have under their original AdvanceKentucky agreements.

High schools that are current members of the AdvanceKentucky Partner Program are listed below. These schools have completed the formal intervention phase of AdvanceKentucky and now are sustaining various efforts that support their AP programs and have elected to maintain access to selected AdvanceKentucky services.  This is a voluntary membership and other AdvanceKentucky "graduates" that are continuing their AP program open enrollment strategies but simply are not listed here. 

Read more: Current Partners

Any AdvanceKentucky high school may register students to attend one or more of the scheduled Student Study Sessions (SSS).  Watch the main SSS page for the annual calendar of events.   Providing external scoring of mock exams is the same per person fee as a single SSS.  The registration fee is $15 per person per event or mock exam.  


APPLY HERE for funding to support  continuation of selected AdvanceKentucky activites associated with the 2016-17 school year.  


Under NMSI guidelines, schools "graduating" in 2015-16 as the final year of their Letter of Agreemnt with AdvanceKentucky are eligible to apply for the new NMSI Sustainment Grant.  If your application is approved by NMSI, the implementatin process will be coordinated with AdvanceKentucky. See link above to complete your applicaition.

This application is a first step to establish an affiliation with the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) through the College Readiness Program (CRP) Sustainment Network (SN) by requesting funds to continue selected components of NMSI’s College Readiness Program, which you have been implementing in partnership with AdvanceKentucky. The goal is to customize a sustainment package based on the school’s priority needs and funding capabilities in order to help sustain ongoing success in student participation and performance and teacher capacity in Advanced Placement (AP) math, science and English (MSE) courses. As a member of the SN, schools can access selected AdvanceKentucky services and components of the CRP to achieve this purpose. Acceptance into the Sustainment Network will allow schools access to NMSI online content resources.

Applicants will have well-developed plans for sustaining/increasing enrollment growth and student performance and for budgeting matching funds. By completing this application, the school agrees to:

-Commit to sustaining enrollment and performance goals;
-Select CRP elements to sustain, based on funding from grant and local matching funds listed in this application;
-Provide detailed implementation plans for how the school will sustain each of its selected CRP elements;
-Continue authorization of data sharing agreements required by College Board to access AP scores online; and
-Provide updates on the chosen sustainment elements as requested.

Schools with a qualifying application will be eligible to receive a $5,000 NMSI Sustainment Grant through AdvanceKentucky, over a one-year period to support the school’s participation in the Sustainment Program. In order for schools to receive this grant, they must contribute $10,000 in local matching.

(Schools seeking a second year of sustainment matching funds must reapply the following year, pending availability of NMSI funding.)

Please contact

200 W. Vine St. Suite 420
Lexington, KY 40507