blank formatOpen Enrollment:  A culture of inclusiveness and preparation for more students to enroll and be successful in Advanced Placement math, science and English (MSE) classes.

blank formatAP Courses in MSE
   Advanced Placement college-level courses in Math, Science and English subjects.

blank formatStudent Time-on-Task:   Tutoring, 15 to 18 hours of student study sessions for each AP course and other supports made readily available to students.

blank formatExam Fees:   Supplements to help cover 50 percent of AP exam fees not provided from other sources, such as the federal Fee Waiver Grant to KDE.

blank formatIncentives  $100 per Qualifying Score (3, 4, or 5) on AP exams in MSE.

blank formatCounseling/Recruiting:   Supportive information and briefings (especially in the early grades) to help with student/family decisions to prepare for and enroll in AP.

200 W. Vine St. Suite 420
Lexington, KY 40507