KDE Press Release

AdvanceKentucky Students Continue Demonstrating their Competitive Advantage on 
Advanced Placement Exams for Seventh Consecutive Year

    LEXINGTON – Students enrolled in high schools that partner with AdvanceKentucky earned significantly higher scores on Advanced Placement (AP) exams compared to the national average for the seventh consecutive year.  

     Since inception, AdvanceKentucky has served 82,000 AP MSE enrollments taught by 800 AP teachers from among 101 public high schools in 74 districts, and 3,500 Pre-AP MSE teachers among 85 school districts.   A new cohort of schools has joined the program each year since inception in 2008-09 with support from the National Math and Science Initiative.  A typical school has started with a baseline around 20 AP Math, Science, and English (MSE) Qualifying Scores (QS) prior to application and on average increased 139 percent in just one year and 250 percent over the standard three-year period of intervention and introduction to this open enrollment approach.  Schools in the program up to six years increased 475 percent.

    This begins with each cohort achieving well beyond baseline- ranging from 60 to 100+ percent increases in qualifying scores.  However the unprecedented standout is the new cohort that started in 2014/15, which increased over 1,000 percent in its first year.   
   These types of disruptive, transformative increases, combined with sustained growth year-to-year, have contributed to Kentucky’s AP performance in all subjects increasing just this past year by 5.1 percent, including 17.9 percent increase among minority students.  Moreover, since 2008, Kentucky’s AP math and science scores earned by minority students have increased by 215 percent.

    Of special note on the 2015 exams, Kentucky experienced a staggering 47 percent increase in number of AP physics qualifying scores, which was bolstered by a 91 percent increase in participation in physics exams.  Sizable growth in some other core subjects--like chemistry, environmental science, calculus, and statistics—stand out for their larger increases in number of qualifying scores. 

    The Kentucky Coders campaign was launched in 2014 to help make coding more accessible for ‘students’ of all ages.  AP Computer Science is an outlier with its longstanding limited magnitude of participation and glaring gender gap, which are both state and national issues.  Since last year the AP computer science exams in Kentucky increase by 23 percent and qualifying scores increased a sizable eight percent, both well above the state average increases. AdvanceKentucky will continue supporting this initiative is to help raise awareness of coding as a new basic skill to understand how technology is created, not just consumed. Kentucky Coders surpassed the 20,000 milestone recently – lets keep coding. The Coding Bars will return to IdeaFestival Sept 29-Oct 2

     AdvanceKentucky is an initiative of Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation, in partnership with the Kentucky Department of Education and its Race to the Top program, Appalachian Regional Commission, Berea College Outreach Programs and others.  KSTC is the state’s affiliate of the National Math and Science Initiative whose mission is to replicate a proven model for enrolling many more students in AP math, science and English programs to better prepare them for college.  Its open enrollment strategies dramatically expand preparation for, access to, and success in AP Math, Science, English, particularly among populations traditionally underrepresented in AP.  


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