KDE Press Release on 2014 AP Results Statewide
AdvanceKentucky Press Release on 2014 AP Results

AdvanceKentucky Students Continue Dramatic Performance Increases on AP Exam Scores for Sixth Consecutive Year
    LEXINGTON – Students enrolled in high schools that partner with AdvanceKentucky earned significantly higher scores on Advanced Placement (AP)  exams compared to the national average for the sixth consecutive year.  Support is provided by Kentucky Department of Education (KDE), Appalachian Regional Commission, Berea College Office of Externally Sponsored Programs, local schools, National Math and Science Initiative, Council on Postsecondary Education, Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC) and others. 

     Since inception, AdvanceKentucky has served 75,000 AP MSE enrollments taught by 680 AP teachers from among 92 public high schools from 69 districts, and 3,000 Pre-AP MSE teachers among 85 school districts.   A new cohort of schools has joined the program each year since inception in 2008-09 originally with support from the National Math and Science Initiative.  A typical school has started with a baseline of 23 AP Math, Science, and English (MSE) Qualifying Scores (QS) prior to application and on average increased 139 percent in just one year and 253 percent over the standard three-year period of intervention.    Sustained annual growth is evident among every group of schools.

    Every cohort of new schools joining AdvanceKentucky has made dramatic improvements the very first year of their participation at a range from eight to 18 times higher than national gains.  The latest Cohort 6 performance is no exception.   These transformative increases, combined with sustained growth year-to-year, has contributed to Kentucky’s AP performance in all subjects increasing by 115 percent and by 176 percent among minority students over six years —ranking among the highest increases in the nation.  Minority AP MSE QS increased by 191 percent and math/science-only scores earned by minority students increased by 121 percent vs 57 percent nationwide.

     The 2013 review of student performance after high school has revealed tremendous benefit for AdvanceKentucky students enrolled in AP courses, compared to a peer group.  Preliminary results indicate that the combined components of the program  significantly decreases the need for college remediation and increases the likelihood students are able to persist beyond the first semester of college.  Further, students from AdvanceKentucky classrooms maintain higher GPAs in college and are able to manage larger course loads.  Students better prepared for college when teachers have supports they need for success in a rigorous classroom.  The 2014 longitudinal study is due out later this year. 

    Recently, Kentucky Coders campaign to get one million coding was launched to bring attention to the need and accessibility of coding for students of all ages.  AP Computer Science is the single outlier with its limited magnitude of participation and glaring gender gap, which are both Kentucky and national issues.  The purpose of this new initiative is to raise awareness of coding as a new basic skill to understand how technology is created, not just consumed. 

     In partnership with KDE, AdvanceKentucky is an initiative of Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation, the state’s affiliate of the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) whose mission is to replicate a proven model for enrolling many more students in AP math, science and English programs to better prepare them for college.  Open enrollment strategies dramatically expand preparation for, access to, and success in AP Math, Science, English, particularly among populations traditionally underrepresented in AP.  This affiliation includes offering NMSI’s Laying the Foundation teacher training contributes to sustainability of these gains as more students are prepared for the rigors of AP.  


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