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Kentucky Coders is an initiative of Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC) and Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) to help register one million coding events over several months in order to accelerate Kentucky's talent force that's aware of coding -- its accessibilty and use in our daily lives. KSTC supports schools and teachers through AdvanceKentucky and at IdeaFestival® to launch an awareness campaign to show how accessible coding is for thousands of Kentucky students – and students-at-heart.

Coding software is an essential asset across a wide spectrum of innovations present in our daily lives. Coding is accessible to so many more people than ever before. In fact Kentucky is among the leading states promoting computer science education for developing coding talent force and computational thinking skills for all. Kentucky makes coding let's get coding!

Since launching October 1 at the 2014 IdeaFestival, the Kentucky Coders campaign first year has tracked over 38,000 coding activities by Kentuckians using the portal, This campaign feeds's globally successful "Hour of Code" that coincides with national Computer Science Education Week each December.  Be sure to pass on to your networks.

Projections indicate that 1.4 million computer-related jobs will be needed nationwide by 2020 but at current rates only 400,000 computer science students will be in the pipeline. Nationally, has recognized Kentucky's progressive policy as one of only 20 states at the time to count Advanced Placement* Computer Science as a core Math credit toward meeting the minimum high school graduation requirements. In announcing this policy, Kentucky Education Commissioner, Terry Holliday, said, "We recognize the impact that computer science education can have on students even if they don't plan on going into that for a career. It develops students' computational and critical thinking skills and shows them how to create new technologies not just use the ones we have. Students need this skill set to be prepared for the 21st century, regardless of what field of study or job they ultimately pursue."

Kentucky makes coding count, now let's get coding!

Use to make your coding count in the one million campaign.

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